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    Announced by Peter Walton on 10 October, 2020

    MESSENGER distribution

    Message from Pastor David Neal: With the delivery of the March edition, distribution of the print edition en masse to Adventist homes throughout the UK and Ireland comes to an end.

    But – any household wishing to continue receiving the print edition may do so free of charge, simply by sending a message to: or call Sarah Jarvis on: 01476-591700.

    The aim of this campaign is to ensure that all the UK and Ireland church family have the opportunity to connect with each other - and stay connected. Very many thanks for your help.

    David Neal - Editor, The Stanborough Press Ltd

    Read the last version on here:

    The Parallel Service Committee is inviting you to our service on Saturday...

    Meeting ID: 840 134 7522, Passcode: 2007691 or Click HERE


    One Vision Update

    As of 24 November 2020 One Vision was awarded Charity status by the Charity Commission. Therefore, it is now a charity in its own right. We want to thank God for this development as this will allow One Vision to grow larger and more easily access external funding. The decision to become a separate charity was the initiative of One Vision themselves for which the Pastors, Elders and leaders of the church are fully supportive

    The leadership feels it is important to establish a memorandum of understanding between the church and One Vision as follows:

    1. All Elders agree that One Vision is a ministry which has done outstanding work in the community. Now that One Vision is a stand-alone Charity, we encourage our church members to continue to support its work, witnessing and to pray for its ministry.

    2. It was recommended to the Church Board that the funds held by the Church Treasury Department be transferred to the One Vision Charity. This action has been taken.

    3. The Board requested that One Vision supplies a copy of its insurance document to the Church Treasurer for Church files. This has been received.

    4. One Vision has indicated that they have outgrown the Church premises, therefore, the Church requires information on a date for movement into their new quarters in order to facilitate a smooth transition. Once a moving date is known Church Departments can then make plans for future activities post-COVID.

    5. As One Vision has registered the Charity using the Church’s address, the Board is formally asked to give and record its approval until they move to new premises. This action was taken.

    6. Enoch Kanagaraj will remain a Board Member in his capacity as Community Outreach Leader

    7. The Ministerial Team and Elders give their full support to One Vision and wish all connected with the Charity God’s blessing.