Earliteen Sabbath School

At Stanborough Park SDA Church we have an active Earliteen Sabbath School class which caters for children of ages 13, 14 and 15 years with some latitude. Friends outside these ages are allowed to stay together.

We meet every Saturday morning at 9:45 and spend an hour developing our understanding of the modern world through the eyes of Christian teenagers. We always make a special effort to welcome all our visitors and we’re sure that you will have a memorable experience as you spend time with us. The emphasis of our program is to encourage teenagers to develop an understanding of spiritual concepts, and to learn how to deal with the many challenges faced by Christians in the 21st Century.

We encourage our young people to engage in discussions on lifestyle topics, along with participating in group activities which enables them to develop and practice their communication skills within their age group. Music is an integral part of our programme, and participants are encouraged to play and share their favourite pieces of music. We also look at current news items and discuss how these may impact on our lives as Christians.

Bible study and an understanding of God remains the main focus of our time together. We encourage our youth to develop a love for reading God’s word, and understanding the relevance of the Bible in today’s society.

Our lesson study guides are taken from the “Cornerstone Connection” series which is specially designed for young people in their teen years. Study guides can be downloaded free of charge from www.cornerstoneconnections.net or ordered from the Church, or on-line at www.adventistbookcenter.com.

We hope to see you next Sabbath.