Tithes & Offerings information

Stanborough Park Church

The general offerings (Budget offerings) are used to fund church maintenance and various programmes run by the Church e.g. Messy Church, Pathfinders, Soup Run, Welfare, Children’s Sabbath Schools etc., and towards the costs of maintaining the Church premises.

Specific offerings may ring-fenced for the specified use. For example - the development building fund and the Good Samaritan Fund. Missions or Humanitan Aid work donations will be passed on to the South England Conference to ADRA.

Donations can be made by Bank Transfer.

All donations will be placed in the Budget fund unless otherwise stated in the reference or in a follow-up email to treasury@stanboroughchurch.org
If you are giving under the Gift Aid scheme please quote your Gift Aid number.

If we have your email address then you will be sent an electronic receipt.

Bank Account Details
Account Number: 40650561
Sort Code: 60-00-08
Account Name: Stanborough Pk Church Seventh
Account Type: Business
Reference: Name and Gift Aid No

If using Gift Aid or funds other than church budget offering or you need a receipt please email the treasury department with the details including
Please provide the following information by email:

Your name:

Your Gift Aid number (if applicable):
Church budget offering                     £xxx
Church development offering            £xxx
Donation to Women’s Ministries        £xxx
Othe specified Depattment of Fund   £xxx
Total                                                    £xxx

Donations via PayPal

Donations by Standing Order

Your offerings would be transferred regularly without you having to remember.
One email to treasury@stanboroughchurch.org would be required to tell us the details. If applicable, please use your Gift Aid number as the reference.

If you do not tell us otherwise we will assume that your transfer is for the church Budget offering.



Any tithes that are received by Stanborough Park Church are transferred to the South England Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (SEC). SEC is responsible for the spending of these monies. Tithes are used, amongst other things, to pay the church pastors.
Sabbath School/World Mission Offerings are also transferred to SEC to be spent in accordance with the worldwide Adventist Church plan.

If you are already making a bank transfer to Stanborough Park Church for your offerings, then we are happy to accept your tithes and Sabbath School offering and we will transfer them to SEC.
If you just wish to transfer your tithes and Sabbath School offering, please go to the SEC website (sec.adventist.uk) and click on the donate button at the top right of your screen.

Thank you to all the faithful members who continue to give their tithes and offerings.

If you have any queries, please contact the Treasury Team – treasury@stanboroughchurch.org.