Stanborough Park Church is famous for its superb and uplifting music from both professional and amateur musicians. For Concert Request and Music Enquires email


The College of Music is open to all who want to start or to advance their musical skills from absolute beginners up to GCSE or A-Level standard. 


Scholarships will be given to two students aged between 6 and 13 years who display a keen desire to learn a musical instrument. There is no need to have any prior musical experience, so beginners wishing to find their talent are welcome to apply.


The scholarships will provide a weekly one-to-one instrumental lesson, Musicianship and Theory classes, and the students will be able to participate in the orchestra, ensembles and choir. The courses start at the beginning of September 2014.

Visit our College website for further information.

To contact the Stanborough Park College of music email to: