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  • Amazing Discoveries with Mark Finley

    Posted on 23 September, 2018

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    The international evangelist Pastor Mark Finley hosted a series of conversations from the 17th to the 25th of August, at Stanborough Park Church. The focus of the series, entitled Amazing Discoveri...
  • 260154 baptism spc
    On August 25, Stanborough Park Church celebrated the baptisms of Nadene Moser, Rohan Kamble, and Nonoesjka van Gorcum.Nonoesjka had travelled to England from the Netherlands to attend Pastor Mark F...
  • One Community, One Vision

    Posted on 30 August, 2018

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    On August 14, Watford community and church leaders, along with Deputy Mayor Karen Collet, met together at Stanborough Park Church for the inaugural meeting of the One Vision Project (OVP).The proje...
  • Stanborough Park Church Data Protection Policy Introduction The Stanborough Park Church needs to gather and use certain information about individuals. These individuals can include interests, volu...