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Health Programme Report

Thursday 28 March 2013

Would you know what to do if someone collapsed clutching their chest right in front of you?

Julian Green gave an interesting illustrated lecture on his work as a Community First Responder.  He works in conjunction with the London Ambulance Service, and is dispatched to people in his community who have life threatening episodes.

One guest from the community who was in the audience was thrilled to hear that the Ambulance Service gets 1.6 million calls per year, dispatching an ambulance every 25 seconds every day of the year.

Julian challenged everyone to be trained as a First Responder, and for the Church to have a defibrillator on hand in the building that is used by so many.  He said that the use of these machines in airports and public buildings has caused the survival rates for serious heart episodes to rise from 20% to 30% in 2011. 

Would you know what to do?  Contact the Health Department  at paulrclee @ if you would like to take part in being trained as a Community first responder.