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Children's Concert

Children's Concert: 27 April 2013, 7:30pm

This is the third year that the Music Department of Stanborough Park Church is orgnising a children's Children Concert in aid of charity.  The idea came about when it was suggested that children would like to help and support other children in the less previleged places in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.
The concert aims to achieve two goals. Firstly, once the application period is closed, all the sucessful applicants will receive an ADRA sponsorship form so that kids can gather sponsorships by themselves.  Within two weeks after the concert, the sponsorships will be collected and will be give to ADRA.

Secondly, during the evening of the concert there will be an appeal. This will be to support less fortunate children to be able to receive music lessons.  Over these years we have had the previlege to support many children and young people. This year the money collected on the evening will go towards the Young Musician Fund in our church. 

If any children wish to apply for a place in the concert, they need to make their applications out to the Music Deirector, Jieun Ahn. The dead line for all applications are the 14th of April 2013. As there are only a limited amount of places, it will be based on the first come. Due to this please get your applications in as soon as possible as it might fill up before the deadline.

Children who participate in the concert will also receive a certificate of participation.

You can find the application form by clicking here.  Please fill it in and email it back to The Music Director at:

Remember the deadline for applications are the 14th of April 2013.