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    Announced by Peter Walton on 10 October, 2020

    Important information for Church members:

    Please download here a 16 pages documents which include information on some proposed changes to Sabbath service timings and the Recommendations Committee voting form. The forms need to be returned by June 14th.
    Link for the questionnaire form, click here.

    MESSENGER distribution

    Message from Pastor David Neal: With the delivery of the March edition, distribution of the print edition en masse to Adventist homes throughout the UK and Ireland comes to an end.

    But – any household wishing to continue receiving the print edition may do so free of charge, simply by sending a message to: or call Sarah Jarvis on: 01476-591700.

    The aim of this campaign is to ensure that all the UK and Ireland church family have the opportunity to connect with each other - and stay connected. Very many thanks for your help.

    David Neal - Editor, The Stanborough Press Ltd

    Read the last version on here:

    The Parallel Service Committee is inviting you to our service on Saturday.

    Meeting ID: 840 134 7522, Passcode: 2007691 or Click HERE


    Treasury Report 2020

    Church Finances 2020

    It is no surprise that the first Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020 impacted the Church Operations. We have all had to learn news ways for our worshipping, including our giving.

    Church Budget

    The Church Budget Offering trend graph on page 4 clearly shows the immediate effect of the lockdowns in both in March and September. It also shows the recoveries in the following months as we adjusted to new ways of giving our Tithe and Offerings. As we have been unable to use offering plates, the Treasury Team is currently receipting nearly 5 times as many Tithes and Offering gifts directly into the bank account compared to the time before the first lockdown.

    Overall, the Budget Offerings for 2020 of £73,275 were only 7% down on 2019.

    The Stanborough Centre

    When the first lockdown occurred, it was the operations of the Centre that caused the most concern, as the income from renting out rooms ceased for the remainder of the 2020. In fact, as the effect of the closures lasted a full year, operations have only begun again in April 2021. However, much of the reduction in income generated by the Centre was offset by a reduction in Operating Costs, so that the Operating Deficit was only £1,255.

    Development Fund

    Our members have not only been faithful in the Tithes and Offerings, but also in continued giving to the Development Fund. During 2020 the loans from the SEC and HSBC Bank have been paid down by £127,446, and the Total Balance outstanding at the end of the year was £424,276.

    The Total Deficit on the Development was reduced in 2020 by £130,762, meaning that, if we continue giving at the same rate, the original target date for paying off the deficit should be reduced by 1 year 8 months to January 2024.

    Church Financial Condition

    All this has been achieved without compromising the Financial position. Page 4 shows the 3 ratios used to Measure the Financial Health of the Church. The aim of keeping them above 100% has been comfortably met, and at the end of 2020, they were 189%, 153% and 148% respectively.

    As we finally begin to emerge from lockdown, and are able to restart more of our Church Activities, we must give Glory to God for his goodness, and trust that the continuing Faithfulness of our members can give us confidence for the future.

    Click here to read the full report.

    BUC Constitution

    In conjunction with the BUC we are organising a townhall meeting for members of the South England Conference to discuss the upcoming changes to the BUC Constitution that are being introduced at the BUC session. This meeting is being held on Zoom and is being scheduled for Thursday evening, 17th June, at 7pm until 8:30pm. There will be a short presentation at the beginning of the time and most of the time will be given over for the opportunity to ask questions. You can find the proposed BUC constitution at

    So that we can meet demand on Zoom we are asking that those who are planning to attend to register through Zoom. Currently, the maximum number we can host is 500 but if necessary we can increase this to 1000.

    Please Register in advance for this meeting:

    After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

    There will be a waiting room setup for this meeting and only users who have their full name and Church displayed will be admitted. These instructions will also be included in the zoom email with all the additional details.