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UPLOAD MEDIA (requires Admin login)

Only users with Admin privileges are authorized to upload media content of any kind.

Media are presented as Podcasts. The web site comes equipped with an embedded podcast player that accepts flash video and other types of files. (So far only .flv and .MP4 have been made to work by us). Please upload your video media as .flv or MP4 files using the Podcast upload facility not the Document/Video upload facility. Upload sound media as MP3 files using the Podcast upload facility or the Document/Video upload facility. Don't forget to add the media file to the Poadcast after uploading.

SUPER Converter settingsfor video

1. Output container swf or flv, 2. Flash Video, 3. mp3, Internal decoders – (default FFmpeg), direct Show ticked

VIDEO - Video Scale size = 320:240 (makes no difference to filesize), Aspect Ratio = 4:3,

Bitrate kbps = 288 (filesize about 60-90 MB.  Higher bitrate larger filesize, better quality),

Hi Quality ticked

AUDIO - Sample frequency 44100 (does not make much difference to file size), Channels 1, Bitrate 48

The link takes you to the Podcast management pages:

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How to Upload Media How to Upload Media