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New MP attends first official event

Posted on 03 January, 2020

Watford's newly-elected M.P. attended his first official engagement on Sunday 15th December, 2019   held in the Stanborough Centre.
The event was a fund-raising evening dinner to raise the profile of mental health issues and was sponsored by Stress Therapist* with the support of the 'One Vision Project'. Stress Therapist** has been running for the past 13 years providing training and workshops to encourage people to become emotionally resilient. Run by Adewale Nwosu, who has a background as mental health nurse and psychotherapist, his main objective is to create awareness on mental health issues and encourage people to speak up if they have any difficulties rather than feel ashamed to ask for help.
He and his wife, Uche, also run centralised workshops and retreats to bring people together for training and workshops as well as giving talks on the topic. They are currently working with the Watford Chaplaincy team to provide Emotional Wellness to businesses at INTU Watford. Uche says, "It is a busy work but we enjoy seeing people recover from difficult life situation."
The event was a family occasion with a dinner which included a mini workshop on developing mental resilience, quizzes and live entertainment - including singers, instrumentalists and a theatre group - in addition to food and drink.