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Queen’s Representatives Visit Stanborough Park

Posted on 29 July, 2019

Queen's Representatives of HertfordshireOn Sabbath July 20th, Stanborough Park Church welcomed Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of Hertfordshire, Robert Voss CBE, and the High Sheriff of Hertfordshire, Sarah Beazely, as guests of honour for the church’s One Vision Community Day, organised by Enoch Kanagaraj.

Lord Lieutenants were first appointed by Henry VIII in the 1500s, and today they are appointed by the Queen as her personal representative and the main link between the Monarch and her people in the county. One way that the Lord Lieutenant serves the community is by promoting and encouraging voluntary and charitable organisations. Robert Voss CBE said, “The thing I am most proud of in this county is the fantastic charity work that goes on. Hertfordshire has over 4,000 charities, and over 14% of the population volunteer. The national average is about 8%, so we punch way above our weight. It is my honour and privilege to meet so many people doing so many wonderful things and report that back to the Queen.”

The High Sheriff is another role with a long history – there have been High Sheriffs for over a thousand years. They are appointed by the Queen to represent her in matters relating to law and order. As Sarah Beazely shared with the congregation, this also involves supporting community services. “I so admire what you all do here,” she said. “We care for each other and support each other better if we all work together.”

Mayor of Watford and Council ChairmanThe Community Day also highlighted the work of many local charities and volunteer groups. In the morning service, volunteer Liz Burns spoke about some of her work with the local Veterans Support Group, and Pastor Llew Edwards gave a special prayer of blessing for the volunteers who were attending. During the afternoon networking event, representatives from 14 organisations, both from the Adventist Church and the local community, shared about their projects and encouraged the members to get involved. The mayor of Watford, Peter Taylor, and council chairman Asif Khan thanked Stanborough Park church and One Vision for their work in the community. “You are a blessing to our town with everything you do to support us,” said the mayor.

The One Vision Project is the brainchild of community chaplain, Enoch Kanagaraj, who wanted to bring charitable organisations together and connect them with the church as well. Stanborough’s Community Day was also supported by ADRA and the Community and Personal Ministeries Departments of the British Union Conference, as Sharon Platt-McDonald and Kerrine Guthrie have both joined One Vision to support its efforts. Reflecting on the event, Enoch said, “I’m delighted to see this project grow and strengthen to help the needs in the community. From the Community Day, it is very clear we all stand together to make a better Watford.”