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HOW TO UPLOAD VIDEO MEDIA (requires Admin login)

Only users with Admin privileges are authorized to upload media content of any kind.

This document shows how to upload sermons using the Podcast Management pages.

The web site comes equipped with an embedded podcast player that accepts flash video and other types of files. (So far only .flv and .MP4 have been made to work by us).

After following the Upload Media link:

    Choose the type of media you want to add from the list, for example Sermons, and click Edit

    Two new tabs open below - click on Next. This takes you to Podcast Entries

    Click on Add and Entry  a New Podcast Entry form opens

    Enter the details asked for then click on Add a video file

    If the video is already in the library click on Video in Library and choose the one you want to podcast

    If it is not in the Library click on Upload and follow the instructions on the Upload form.

Go to Upload Media now